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OREGON CITY, OR (KPTV) - A 94-year-old woman was doing yard work when she was stung by dozens of wasps. Bernice Arline Patterson was even hospitalized after the attacks.

Patterson told FOX 12 she was stung 74 times and credits one of her sons with saving her.

According to Patterson, she was out doing some upkeep on a trail near her Oregon City home, when she stumbled across an underground wasps nest.

Within seconds she was swarmed by yellow jackets.

“It was terrible. I was just going like this [swatting] trying to get them off my face,” she said.

While trying to run away, Patterson fell and the wasps attacked her.

“It hurt like heck,” she told FOX 12.

Patterson began to yell for her son, David.

“I can’t remember what I did after that. I just felt like I was shaking,” Patterson said.

Thankfully, her son heard her screams and ran to help her. Patterson said he grabbed a broom and started hitting the wasps, getting stung in the process.

There happened to be a can of yellow jacket spray nearby, which he doused them with, scaring them off.

His mother was taken to the emergency room, where a doctor counted 74 stings on her body.

Now she is warning others to be more vigilant while doing yard work.

“If you see one bee, then you know there is more,” she said.

When asked if she’ll be doing any more yard work, Patterson said, “Yes but I will try to much more aware of my surroundings from now on.”

She also recommends folks keep a can of bee or wasp spray nearby when working outdoors.

For safe removal of bees and wasps, contact EHS Pest.

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