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Paper Wasp

03 May 2010

Posted by John D. Stellberger

North Attleboro, MA

The time was sometime around 10pm. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden my boyfriend flies off his computer chair, and yells “What is that?!” I look up to see a huge black bee-looking thing flying up against the ceiling. We panicked, trying to find anything to kill this Jurassic-sized bug. Meanwhile, our ferocious kitten stalked carefully from below and pounced when the bug landed on the ground! After playing around with it a little, the bug became unable to fly so I sprinted over, sprayed it w/ the only thing I could find – Fabreeze – scooped it up w/ a paper towel, and put it in a plastic baggy so I could get a better look at it. In typical relationships the man comes to the rescue with an insect problem but here I am playing Wonder Woman while my boyfriend cowers in fear!

paper waspThe body was completely black, with orange colored legs and brown wings. My boyfriend told me I was crazy when I said it looked “beautiful” The scariest part – the stinger on this thing was a good ¼ inch long!!! We spent the next 30 minutes searching the web to ID what we found to be a Paper Wasp. See I even take my work home with us!   

Thanks to my wasp-slaying kitten, my expertise, and very unconventional treatment measures we are sting-free!!!

Jessica Simpson
Customer Care Representative
Environmental Health Services, Inc

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