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The holidays mean unending feasts and parties. At the same time, the temperature outside is dropping. These factors make an warm invitation to pesky pests that are searching for food and shelter in your homes. In order to keep your home safe and pest-free this season, here are some tips:

  • Before you set-up your Christmas tree, make sure to shake it well to remove small pests like ticks, spiders, and ants which may inhabit in the branches.
  • When you retrieve ornaments from the attic, first check for signs of pest infestation such as gnawing or rodent droppings.
  • Store firewood away from your home and put it on a raised floor off of the ground. Check the wood for any small pests before bringing them inside your home.
  • Make sure your holiday lights are intact prior to plugging them in. Rodents usually likes to gnaw electrical wires.
  • Dispose sealed trash bins regularly.
  • Store leftovers and other food items in glass or plastic containers with lids. Tightly cover them to secure them from ants, rodents, and other pests.
  • Clean crumbs and spills from cooking stations and countertops right away.
  • Inspect fresh wreaths and other greenery decorations for pest and insects before bringing them indoors.
  • Inspect kitchen cabinets and pantries for any food droppings and clean it regularly.

To find out more tips for making your home pest-proof after the holidays, contact EHS Pest.

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