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While pests are capable of disease, damage, and in some cases, death they are fascinating creatures. Remember an insect or animal in the woods or wild is just that. If those insects & animals affect our quality of life, threaten us, cause damage, or just plain annoy us then they are considered pests. It is the interaction with humans & our property that defines pests. Regardless of their classification they are pretty darn cool!
  • For every person on the earth, there are two hundred million insects. More insects can be found in only ten square feet of rainforest than there are people in Manhattan. One square mile of rural land can hold more insects than there are human beings on Earth.
  • Over 900,000 known species of insects exist throughout the world.
  • Each year, insects eat about a third of the world's food crops.
  • In contrast, each year the average person will "eat" several insects while they are sleeping. During the average lifetime, a person consumes about seventy insects and ten spiders during their sleep. According to some sources, beetles have a taste that is similar to apples while wasps taste like pine nuts.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has set standards regarding how many insect parts are food can contain, called the Food Defect Action Levels. Chocolate can have up to eight insect fragments per hundred grams, while peanut butter can have only sixty fragments. Meanwhile, wheat flour can have 150 fragments per hundred grams and paprika can have 300 fragments.
  • The smallest insect in the world, the Tanzanian parasitic wasp, is smaller than the eye on a housefly. The largest insect is the goliath beetle, which can grow up to four and half inches long.
  • Slavery is not strictly a human condition. Amazon ants will steal larvae of other ants to be their slaves. They depend upon these slaves for their survival because Amazon ants are incapable of doing anything other than fight.
  • An ant is capable of lifting fifty times its own weight and is capable pulling thirty times its own weight.
  • The most dangerous ant in the world is the black bulldog ant. It lives in Australia and has killed several human beings. When provoked, it stings and bites at the same time. 

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