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Cambridge, MA - One of my old teachers, a very well known industry Ph.D. entomologist told me about 20yrs ago....."Always bet on the insect!" After 21yrs in the industry I have truly come to appreciate his words and how true they are.
At EHS we train our field specialists to respect pests as a formidable foe and never underestimate their ability.


  • Bedbugs can go without feeding for months, take 6x it's body weight in blood, & produce 250-500 eggs per female.
  • Rats & mice can jump 3-4ft high & survive a three story fall.
  • Rats & mice have hearing 30x better than humans.
  • Mice explore their environment 200-300 times per night.
  • If a flea were the size of a human it would be able to leap over the Empire State building.
  • Termites are the only insect able to eat (ingest + digest) wood.
  • A mosquito can fly up to two miles in search of a blood meal.
  • Carpenter ants have formic acid inside them that acts as anti-freeze and allows them to survive winter.
  • Fruit flies go from egg to adult development in just 4-7 days.
  • Rats tooth enamel is harder than iron & lead allowing them to chew through anything.
  • Female German Cockroaches produce egg capsules with 30-40 nymphs (babies) in it. This means one female roach has the biotic potential to produce thousands of offspring every year.

To beat your enemy, you must know your enemy. At EHS we take great pride in our pest expertise. That is why we are confident when we say.....IT'S YOUR WORLD. PROTECT IT!
George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist
Environmental Health Services, Inc.

Super Service Award 2017