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The calls you get two seconds after you get into the office tend to be the most frantic ones. Let me share a funny one with you……Raccoons inside a house tend to happen from time to time but this one was certainly different. This customer was distraught because of his raccoon problem coupled with the fact that his wife was beyond hysterical and threatening to move into a hotel until solved. Needless to say, I could understand why he was so frantic. After a week of constantly putting cat food down every night they would find the bowl wiped clean in the morning. A weird occurrence because Fluffy their finicky eating cat would never polish off all the food in one night, historically she would leave ½ a bowl to be thrown out the next day. Finally Fluffy was eating normally! Guess again!

The loud murderous scream was the one you would hear from a horror movie and almost made the husband call 911 as he was running to his wife’s rescue. He stops short in the kitchen to see his wife pointing to the bathroom and the 30LB raccoon sitting on the toilet relaxing and taking an occasional sip of water! The raccoon had a care-free look of “Do you mind, I’m using this bathroom”

So now when he calls our office he refers to himself as the Raccoon Guy. He was joking at one point about putting a sign above the cat door saying “Cats Only”
Just another day in the funny, crazy world of pest control!

Melissa Charnitsky
Customer Care Specialist

Super Service Award 2017