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Scientists in America have discovered coffee and aspirin are the best cures for a hangover.

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia discovered the benefits of the two substances by conducting experiments on laboratory rats.

They gave the rodents headaches by giving them small amounts of ethanol – which is pure alcohol – and then gave them doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatory medicines, which contained the same ingredients as aspirin, to see the effect.

The combination of the caffeine and the drug blocked the acetate – a form of acetic acid – that alcohol produces in the body and relieved the animals’ pain.

The rats were given the ‘cure’ four-to-six hours after they had the ethanol as this allowed time for the headaches to develop.

Dr. Michael Oshinsky said: “None of the commonly cited cures for hangovers could have caused this response.”

Among the many cures for a hangover are drinking water to re-hydrate the body, eating a traditional Irish breakfast – which can consist of a fried egg, bacon, sausages, toast and tomatoes – the morning after to boost energy and salt levels or ‘hair of the dog’, which is to have an alcoholic drink, typically a Bloody Mary vodka and tomato juice cocktail, in the morning.


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