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The downturn in the economy has forced many home foreclosures, business closings, and closings of many state/city/town buildings. If you add in federal/state/city/town budget cuts to services this creates a perfect storm for rats (and other pests for that matter).

Rats are taking advantage of these vacant properties in record numbers. The challenge is that populations are skyrocketing because the infestation goes unnoticed & with no control measures for months and because of over-crowding (population dynamics) the dominant rats push the subordinate rats accross property lines. Trying to fight through the red tape to find the owner of the vacant property just compounds the problem and delays treatment as the infestation grows. Once you do find the owner they do not have funds to pay for services. Trying to get health officials involved is a challenge as they can not dedicate the resouces needed to eradicate the infestation.

Today I was at a vacant church infested with rats that infested the vacant home next to it. Rats were now on the property of the next house where the person could not afford services. To give you an idea of how bad the infestation is, the rats are on the property of a luxury condo complex.

Rats Gone Wild is in your neighborhood so keep your eyes open.

Bruce Lopes Jr.
Service Manager

Super Service Award 2017