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EHS - Rat in the Car Showroom

Every year people in Boston have the unpleasant experience of learning how destructive rats and mice are to their cars, motorcycles, boats and other power equipment that may sit for as little a two weeks while they vacation.

The damage to a cars electrical systems can run into the many thousands of dollars.

We receive frantic calls every year on how to help.

Our pest proofing is 100% effective if these items are stored indoors. Outside it's a bit trickier. Reducing the area population is what we advise first. Landscape pest proofing, reduce habitat and food sources go a long way. Trapping and removal or for the period of storage is one suggestion. Baiting sometimes leads to a dead rodent inside of the vehicle, we don't recommend poisons. We have had some success with some paste repellants applied to areas of the item where it contacts the ground. A liquid application of a repellent to the general perimeter is less successful, but mechanical seems to work best.

Imagine what a wiring harness on this Rolls Royce cost? Worse yet, having decaying rodents inside of the ventilation system?

We are rodent experts.

Contact EHS Pest for a preventive solution to rodent and any other pest problem.

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