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Rats & Mice Are A Major Disease & Damage Threat

  • Rats & mice destroy enough food to feed 200 million people per year.
  • During the 14th century, rats carried the plague that killed 25 million people, half of Europe's population.
  • Rats can bite down with approximately 8,000 pound of pressure.
  • Approximately 25% of all unknown fire origins are attributed to rodents.
  • A pair of mice can produce in excess of 10,000 fecal droppings & one pint of urine within a year.
  • A rat’s tooth enamel is harder than lead, iron, copper, and concrete.
  • At least 25 diseases have been associated with rats & mice.
  • In a six month period a pair of mice have the ability to consume 4LBS of food.
  • Every year there are over 5,000 reported rat bites in the U.S. alone.

George Williams,
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

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