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Redneck Wedding Cake & Dead Squirrels

I am channel surfing & I come across a woman holding a dead squirrel in her hands. What made me put the brakes on my surfing was the fact that the woman was actually excited to be holding a dead squirrel???!!!

Needless to say I see that the show is on again so I am going to DVR it so I can watch it in its entirety to get a grasp of what is going on. The show is “My Big Redneck Wedding” so automatically I know I am in for a #*!show

After two minutes I realize these rednecks live up to their stereotypes! The premise is a seriously backwoods wedding & the potential bride wants dead squirrels o n her wedding cake. Most normal people would ask…WHY??!!! Keep in mind these are rednecks we are talking about!

In order to get the cake she wants she needs to “get her sum squirrels” and elicits the help of her classy & upstanding (sarcasm folks!) future hubby who has to shoot them.

Needless to say I un-DVR’d the show because I was afraid that the stupidity would actually seem from the TV and infect me!

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