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She was renting to own a couch for her apartment. Instead she got unwanted pests -- Bedbugs and clusters of bed bug eggs.

Now she has dozens of bite marks all over her body; her legs, back and arms, 30 to 40 bites, all resulting in scars. Now she is sleeping on the floor at a neighbor’s house until her apartment is disinfected.

Unfortunately, she also has had an allergic reaction to the bites and is now covered with bumps and scars. So she has to look at the scars the rest of her life.

The Rent-A-Center where she got the furniture took the couch away, refunded her payment, and sent an exterminator to inspect the apartment. But he did not spray it. A company spokesperson tells Fox 26 News they believe the bed bugs were already there claiming bugs were found in the baseboards, outlets and mattress. She says they were not.

The spokesperson goes on to say that their stores go to "great lengths" to sanitize all furniture before it's rented. She thinks they missed hers. “Right now I want them to exterminate my home, I want my furniture and I want this past me, I don't want to deal with it any more because it's been a nightmare for me."

Rent-A-Center says they want to make their customers happy, but they don't have a definitive answer to who's at fault in this case.

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