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Cockroaches Make for Bad Neighbors

She wants out of her lease because of pesky insects that are taking over apartment.

"Sometimes we see them walking across the floor,” says Peggy Bublitz. “They come through the stove while we're cooking.”

She says cockroaches have taken over her Taylorsville apartment.

“They come through the vents and it oozes with sticky stuff,” she says. “Horrendous.”

That's why Bublitz keeps the light on at night. She says it keeps the cockroaches at bay.

For several weeks, Bublitz claims she has been seeing cockroaches take over.

And when she asked for help, the property manager for the Calloway Apartments sent over a pesticide company.

“They've been doing that for weeks now,” she says.

But she says cockroaches are still around and now she wants out of her lease without penalties.

“It's no way to live and I've begged them to get out of lease,” Bublitz says.

But the apartment's attorney says the cockroaches were brought in by a neighbor and it's not the landlord's fault.

“It's not a pleasant thing sometimes that when you have bad neighbors that do bad things and all the landlord can do is take the best action they can to remedy the problem," says Kirk Cullimore.

So she's stuck. She now duct tapes the stove, the windows and vents to keep cockroaches out.

“So I am to understand that I am going to have to live her for the duration of my lease sleeping with the roaches,” she says.

Cullimore says they can’t let her out of her lease because it’s about economics. He says if they let one tenant who complains they’d have to do it for the next person.

“They’d be bankrupt,” says Cullimore.

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