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Rodent Nest Blamed for Small Fire at University Campus

Rodents are blamed for spreading disease and stealing food and now for causing a small fire on the Dalhousie University campus Wednesday morning.

Firefighters were called to the Macdonald building on Alumni Crescent after flames broke out while workers were using heat guns to remove paint from the outside of the building along the roof line.

The guns don’t use open flame, but the heat was enough to ignite straw and grass used in a small rodent nest in the crevices of the woodwork.

The workers used a garden hose to quell the flames, fire department spokesman Dave Meldrum said. Firefighters checked for any extension of the flames and found some charred wood.

Officials at Dal checked the building for other nests, but didn’t find any, and aren’t sure what type of animal built the nest.

Source = Associated Press

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