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ScorpionsLocation = Boston, MA

We do not have scorpions as a pest here in Boston. Right? Wrong…..well sort of. Scorpions are not found in the northeast but in warmer & drier climates out on the west coast. I am in Boston doing an inspection & I found a scorpion on the ground.

Definitely no pets at the property so how did it get there??? Well this picture is proof that global commerce & tourism can transport any pest problem into your home or business!

It is just some more proof that pests are so adaptable when relocated. If it is summer here & summer in Texas or California then this scorpion will do just fine for months here and may inflict a dangerous or deadly sting.

If it were winter here then we would have less of an issue for obvious reasons. Bottom line is that pests have an amazing ability to relocate & piggyback and adapt so be careful!

Matt Lipsett
Inspection Specialist

Super Service Award 2017