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Hollywood, TV, movies, etc. have society that giant spiders are taking over the world. Obviously that is not the case! Certainly spiders do evoke fear and arachnophobia in many people. There are some obvious things I want to convey about spiders. For the most part, spiders are beneficial insects that control other pests. In Massachusetts & Rhode Island we do not have hobo or widow spider species that can cause serious harm, injury, or death. Certainly there have been cases with these species but these are rare incidents because they are not indigenous to our region. The most common issue is the Yellow Sac Spider, it is the cause for most bites in the U.S. Their bite is equivalent to a bee sting or less. They do not attack but defend by biting, most bites occur with incidental contact i.e. sitting on them. Certainly anaphylactic shock can be a serious issue with allergic reactions.

There are numerous spider species in Massachusetts & Rhode Island, all of which are considered “occasional invaders” which means they are not pests of structural damage nor do they cause injury. They are considered a nuisance.
Insecticide treatments for spiders can yield relief however it will not eliminate spider activity. Simply put, it will kill foraging spiders that contact the treated areas but spiders will continue to forage until they die or contact treated areas.

The best form of spider control is prevention. Take away conducive conditions. Spiders are opportunistic which means they go to & live where there is a good opportunity to feed. This is typically where food is most abundant or temperature/moisture levels are ideal. A damp dark humid setting is attractive to insects thus spiders. Spiders are found around exterior lights because insects are attracted to lights.

Invest in a dehumidifier. Switch to yellow bug lights for exterior lights (attracts less insects). Improve lighting inside the house. Clean inside + outside to reduce attractiveness to other insects. Remove any clutter as this provides a dark-humid environment. If you see a spider inside use a dust-buster or vacuum, this is the best non-chemical control. Destroy any webs because spiders will leave an area if their hard work is getting destroyed. Excluding all points of entry is another key element in keeping spiders from getting in. Look for openings around pipes & cables and seal off the excess voids. Remember, spiders are there for a reason. Take away their reason to be inside & they will stay in the garden where they belong.

EHS is considered experts at spider control so call us and we will provide a solution for your spider issues.

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