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Our customers really do have a sense of humor!!! The call came into EHS that these people have squirrels in their attic. They had them a year early but set some traps, caught a few, and the problem was solved. Sort of! The squirrels came back so we needed to do a free inspection and offer a proposal for humane exclusion.

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I get into the attic and find out what he meant by setting traps. I assumed he meant live traps but I was wrong! He set out rat snap traps with some taunting messages on them. “SUCK IT MR. SQUIRREL” and “LET’S MAKE IT A DOUBLE FURBALL” were written on two traps. It is not exactly the right way to do squirrel removal but it did make me laugh out loud! The customer said it was a six month battle against the squirrels last year and it became personal when they were chewing up items they stored in the attic.

We excluded the points of entry around the roof line, installed one-way doors, returned one week later to remove the doors, then completed the exclusion. No need to taunt the squirrels this time, EHS was the winner!

Bruce Lopes Jr.
Service Manager
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