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Every year, termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes, offices and other structures; early detection is the best weapon against these costly insects. It is NOT covered by insurance!

Every year, business owners and homeowners pay out billions of dollars for damages caused by termites.

It can be difficult to impossible for an average person to uncover termites on their own. You need a professional inspection. This is one area where you have to choose a company with experience & expertise because the ramifications can be severe.

Data collected over the last 100yrs suggest that 8 of 10 homes in Massachusetts & Rhode Island have had termites in the past or will have them in the future. The other issue is that past inspections do not ensure that you are safe from termites, you should have your structure inspected annually or at least every other year.

Termites are sneaky & avoid detection by eating wood from the inside out. They also can fit in a void that is 1/64” which means they can be virtually impossible to detect. Last piece of bad news is that structures that get treated can become re-infested over time. You should always maintain your annual termite warranty and make sure annual inspections are performed. The cost of waiting to control termites could be devastating since the repair costs will greatly outweigh the cost of control.

The best defense is having a professional firm like EHS offering proactive monitoring like they have with their Eco-Monitors or the Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

Tim Lynch
Termite Specialist

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