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Termites Cause $120M Damage to GTA Homes Yearly

They may be tiny, but they cause huge problems for homeowners.

Termites cause an estimated $120 million in property damage annually in the Toronto area alone, inflicting serious structural damage to homes and dropping neighborhood property values by up to 25%, according to the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association.

"The reality is that termites are aggressive and difficult to prevent," says Paul Hargest, president of the CCMPA. "And while masonry alone won't eliminate them, it can help act as a barrier by minimizing the home's wood-soil contact — a key point of entry for termites. It also makes the house overall a less attractive food source and helps keep it structurally sound."

Termites are indigenous only to British Columbia, but their resilience has enabled them to thrive in areas like Toronto. They were introduced to the city in 1938 via cargo from the U.S.; today, infestation estimates for the GTA are as high as 10%, estimates the association.

The CCMPA is concerned by Canada’s building codes, which are currently under review to allow for six story structures made of wood. In addition to being a food source for termites, such structures also bring with them greater risks related to hazards such as fire, Hargest said.

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