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I am the rat killer of Boston!!! Frank the tank! This picture shows just some of my vic’s!

Seriously, we get a call about a large number of rats in a parking garage. The previous pest control company had not been able to solve the problem after months of trying. I see rub marks from the rats and follow their trail to a locked room. At the door it has a seriously strong rat odor. Those in the industry know what I mean! I tell the maintenance guy that this is the mother ship and we need to get inside. He does not have a key and said the other guy never went inside there. I told him that is why you still have rats.

Once we get inside there are rats you see are just three days after I placed them down! In 10 days I have caught a whopping 35 rats!!! Based on rat breeding I have literally removed over 300 potential rats from the city of Boston…WHOAH!!! I should get a key to the city!

The battle is still going on as of this blog post but once we go 2 weeks with no catches I will seal off the tunnel with stainless steel mesh screening and this will eliminate the issue.

Frank Diaz
Service Specialist

Pest Control, RI, Pest Control, MA

Super Service Award 2017