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Pests are efficient hitchhikers on many things. Many people bring pests inside from firewood. Here are some tips to help avoid this.

  • Stack firewood neatly Vs in one giant pile on the ground.
  • Stacked firewood should allow 360 degree air circulation, this will help keep it pest-free plus aid in the aging process.
  • Rotate your wood stock using older dry-aged wood 1st.
  • Bring wood needed into a “staging area” like on a covered porch before bring it into the house. For example, grab a about 5-5 logs from your wood pile then to your “staging area” as this will lessen the chance that pests come directly into your home.
  • Keep the wood dry and covered.
  • Do not stack wood against your house as this will bridge the gap for insects to get into your home especially wood destroying pests like carpenter ants & termites.
  • Do not store wood on the ground. Termites love wood-soil contact.
  • Firewood generally should be seasoned to dry down for at least nine months. Burning high-moisture wood generates a lot of smoke, little heat, and can add creosote to your chimney flue and pollutes the air. Keep moisture under 20%.
  • Homeowners should only bring in firewood that will be burnt over a period of a few hours.
  • Store your firewood away from the home.

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