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Expect the population of mosquitoes to steadily rise this summer season. Aside from those irritating bites and itchy marks, you should be equally or more concerned of the viruses they carry and transmit to humans and pets. Reducing their population is the only way to limit your exposure to mosquito danger. Here are ways you can help eliminate mosquitoes in your home and help in the community's mosquito reduction effort:

  • Install a Misting System - You can contact a pest expert to assist you in choosing the best mosquito misting system and teach how to run it. The system release the treatment on a timed schedule.
  • Fogging - A fogging machine can be used to fend off mosquitoes outside your home.
  • Mosquito Traps - Our pest experts here in MA, RI have special traps that can catch and eliminate mosquito particularly larvae and their breeding sites.
  • Remove Standing Water - Standing water are their favorite breeding site. Get rid of any item that collects water.
  • Use LED light bulbs - Mosquitoes are attracted to incandescent light bulbs. Replace your outdoor lighting with tinted LED bulbs instead.
  • Use Bug Spray - Whenever you go outdoors make sure to use bug spray to repel mosquitoes.

For more information on how to control mosquitoes, contact EHS Pest.

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