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They still sell them so people must be buying them?! The scientific research community states the only thing it repels is money from your wallet!

The real truth is that it is a placebo treatment in that it is visual & you perceive it works because you may not see pests. If pests happen to be gone it is just a coincidental fluke. Insects do not respond to ultrasonic sounds, it is not biologically possible. If it worked on rats & mice then why does it not affect humans & pets? Rodents have 30x better hearing than humans but that does not mean only they can hear high frequency sounds.

If a $9.99 plug in the wall, repel all insects + rodents actually worked don't you think every pest control firm in the world would be using it???!!!

George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.

General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Environmental Health Services, Inc.

Super Service Award 2017