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Bedbugs Discovered in Two University of Pittsburgh Dorms

Pittsburgh Post - Gazette

The University of Pittsburgh said today it found evidence of bedbugs in two campus dorms -- Sutherland and Lothrop halls -- and has treated the affected areas.

Reports of bugs were verified through visible inspection in three rooms, Pitt said. Two are located in Sutherland, and one in Lothrop.

A university statement said that because two of the rooms were on the same floor of Sutherland East, the rest of the rooms on the floor and ultimately all of Sutherland East were inspected.

As a result, 28 more rooms were deemed to have bugs, "although most of these showed no visible signs of bugs," said the statement released by Pitt spokesman John Fedele.

Pitt said follow-up treatments to affected areas will be given as a precaution.

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