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Silverfish Extermination & Prevention - EHS Pest Control Solutions

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

Although no health risks are associated with this insect, many customers have a repugnance or fear (or both) of the silverfish. Named for its coloration and fluid movements, the silverfish is often mistaken in the living space for a House Centipede, which is predatory on them. Silverfish eat a wide variety of items found in the home and can damage fine fabrics, paintings and books. Most people encounter them in bathrooms, closets, on walls and in attic and other humid areas feeding on books or in stored boxes. Silverfish prefer materials containing starch, but in some cases will eat cotton and even leather products! 

Procedure - EHS suggests a non-chemical approach to address excess humidity in conjunction with various tactics to manage these pests. Baiting in the active areas such as the attic and other storage areas is occasionally employed as well as crack and crevice and wall void treatments with borates. A good idea to start with is remove any items which silverfish are currently feeding (books/old paper, etc) and place them in sealed and/pest proof containers such as Rubbermaid or Tupperware, etc.

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