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Humane Skunk, Removal & Control - Repel & Exclude

Striped Skunk  (Mephitis mephitis)

At EHS, we like and respect these native animals. They are valuable members of the wildlife community.  They are not aggressive and contrary to popular belief, do not like to spray their musk. You must startle or agitate a Skunk before it will release the well-known foul repellant, that even it finds disagreeable.  Beginning its search for food at dawn and dusk, it feeds on mice, eggs, carrion, insects, grubs, and berries. At sunrise, it retires to its den, which is an underground burrow. In nature it is usually a rock formation or boulder, rock pile or blown down tree.  Unfortunately your home or business suits them perfectly. In residential areas, they often nest under porches, decks and sheds. While the male dens by itself, several females may live together and with their young.  Litters of 4-7 kits are born in early May each year and start foraging with their mother by early July. The young may spend the first winter with her. They are not true hibernators but rather go dormant for a few of the coldest months. Skunks may die during their winter siesta, creating an odor problem for the homeowner the following spring. For situations with extensive turf damage, we use an innovative approach by repelling the skunks with an extract of Concord Grape Jelly!


Exclusion Procedure ("Live and Let Live") - Our exclusion services are non-lethal and does not require trapping the animals (which can create high levels of distress for any wildlife). We begin by digging a trench around the structure (usually a deck, porch or shed) where the animal is nesting.  Since skunks are burrowing animals (great diggers), any exclusion work must allow for this skill by creating a barrier that exists below ground as well as above.  With the trench dug, we install high-grade stainless steel screening that attaches to the lowest edge of the structure, extending 12-24” into the soil.  The tensile strength and anti-rusting properties of this product make it the right material for the job. We then install a one-way gate that allows the animals to escape.  Once on the outside of the gate, the animal is forced to find a new home.  The gate is left in place for 1-2 weeks, then removed and the opening secured with the same high-grade screening. This service comes with a minimum 12 month warranty. In some cases we may need to perform trapping services as each situation is unique and may require a tailored approach to solving your problem.

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