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Spider Pest Control, MA, RI - Spider Removal

Spider Pest Control, RI, MASpiders certainly evoke a fear with the general public and this no doubt is thanks to TV + movie sensationalism. Arachnaphopia is the fear of spiders. While most people do not suffer from this they do have a fear or health respect for spiders. In New England there are numerous spider species both in & around your home. It only makes sense since there are over 40,000 spider species in the world! Some are web builders while others are cave/cavity dwellers and control measures will vary by species.

Most people are concerned with spider bites and the reaction to venom. While this is possible in many species it is actually pretty rare in our region. Spiders do not actively hunt human to bite (sorry Hollywood!). Humans typically disturb spiders by accident and they defend themselves in one of the only ways they know how and that is to bite. The spider that causes the most bites in the U.S. is the Yellow Sac Spider and it is very common in our area. Bites typically occur when a person sits on a spider and it defends itself. If left alone they will leave you alone. If they are in your house or yard and you want them gone then that is where EHS comes in.

Spiders are quite difficult to control from a pest control standpoint because they do not have the sticky pads (aerolia) on their feet that most insects have for absorbing insecticides from a surface. It is easier for homeowners to manage/reduce spiders via physical and cultural (non-chemical) methods and this will limit them on your property.  How is this done? Improve landscaping and use light management to discourage spiders.  Spiders are quite opportunistic and follow the insects they prey upon for food. So where you see other insects in higher numbers you will see spiders. Since most insects are attracted to white lights and shrubs up against warm structures you will find spiders here. Damp and humid basements are another area that attract insects thus spiders. What about leaf litter, debris, and clutter around your yard? Perfect harborage site (hiding spot) for insects thus spiders. So what do I do? The use of yellow lights (AKA sodium vapor bug lights) will reduce the insect load upon which the spiders prey.

Also, removing shrubs near a home or keeping them trimmed way back will help remove harborages for both spiders and insects. Improve moisture and humidity levels in basements and other interior areas with dehumidifiers.

EHS provides various treatment measures to eradicate and/or reduce spider pressure around your home. A major component of our spider program is exclusion measures around your home as this non-chemical measure will help to keep spiders out.  EHS insect monitors in a home will trap most spider species and allow for proper species identification thus better treatment strategies.  We will also stress the spiders by knocking down their webbing with a web-duster pole as this is helpful toward discouraging their presence.  We also employ an all-natural product that prevents web formation on all spider treatments. This product can prevent web rebuilding for up to six months. As you can see, it is a multi-faceted treatment & strategy that has proven successful even against the giant ones that are hear to destroy earth!

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