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EHS Pest Control Solutions Reviews and Testimonials, RI, MA

At EHS we strongly believe in protecting and supporting our community. This two minute documentary tells all about how we partnered with our hometown and donated organic mosquito & tick treatment to protect children at a local playground from vector-borne illness.

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97 user reviews

The service is excellent. Derek is very helpful, and he shows up with a smile every time. Derek is a big asset to your company.

- John G.

Derek is wonderful, knowledgeable, efficient and polite. He is an asset to EHS.

- Kim C.

Derek is always very kind and attentive to my concerns about mice, snakes and bees, and he does a great job.

- Deborah K.

Derek is professional, informative and great at his job. Alvin and Derek worked at cleaning and protecting our basement, despite the nasty weather conditions. Derek provided us with information and recommendations with a plan for us to follow for continued pest prevention.

- Maureen T.

Derek always provides fantastic and informative service!

- Jennifer G.

Derek is very pleasant, and he provides excellent, fast and clean service.

- Paul D.

Derek does a great job at our National Grid facilities.

- Tom G.

Derek is very thorough and courteous. He explains things in detail, so I feel informed about the pests entering my home, and how he is eradicating each situation.

- Susan A.

Derek has always provided friendly and thorough service.

- Dorothy K.

Derek is professional, knowledgeable, and he does excellent work.

- Gary F.

EHS has been excellent and have professionals that arrive in a timely manner and work efficiently.

- Christine G.

EHS team members are excellent.

- Robert M.

Derek is always very informative of what is going on in the Northborough facility, as well as all of the other sites he services for National Grid. Derek is a good technician, and you should be very proud to have him on your team and as a representative for EHS. Keep up the great work!

- Kris T.

While at our National Grid facilities, Derek is very knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and very customer service orientated.

- Joe R.

I cannot say enough good things about Derek – extremely thorough, professional, knowledgeable and considerate – also, he is a polite and very pleasant person.

- Mary F.

Technicians have been terrific.

- Judy M.

Victor has been very helpful. I am very pleased with EHS.

- Charles H.

I have been using EHS for a variety of pest issues: inside the house, the backyard and the roof. I have always had superior service and advice – a world class company.

- Hilary M.

CJ is a great guy, and he is nice, professional, on time and has excellent follow up.

- Rachael R.

EHS has provided great customer service by being very responsive and having great follow up.

- Sylvia R.

EHS has a polite staff and they are very knowledgeable. After every service, I receive a detailed report and there are noticeable results.

- Cindy L.

EHS provides excellent service, and their technicians and staff are very knowledgeable, professional and understanding. EHS has alleviated an insect problem on our property, and they have worked hard to pinpoint where the issue was coming from and how to keep it at bay. I highly recommend their services to others.

- Marci R.

EHS is responsive, thorough, proactive and respectful.

- Dan C.

Daniel S. is a very helpful and informative technician.

- Karen N.

Daniel S. is thorough, professional, courteous and patient.

- Lynn L.

Technicians are great.

- Leslie L.

From the first point of contact to the last, everyone was great and made me feel that the mice would be gone soon. Daniel S. was thorough, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. Thank you.

- Deb C.

Daniel and Liz are outstanding. They did such a fantastic job, and it was great having them here. They are courteous, friendly and professional. Employees like them make me love EHS and recommend EHS to everyone.

- Agustin L.

Daniel was very professional and helpful.

- Gopal R.

Excellent service and all technicians were great, polite and efficient. I was comfortable with everyone that came to my house. Thank you, Shane, CJ, Rich, Ed, Josh, Liz and Daniel.

- Jacqueline C.

EHS employees are always professional.

- Jessica G.

Technicians are very thorough and on time. I appreciate the prevention work they do to keep the mice outside.

- Karen A.

I am a senior citizen, and at times, I can be very nervous of strangers. My daughter told me that EHS employees are excellent professionals, and I found this to be true. Keep up the good work.

- Elizabeth A.

EHS has always been very responsive to our needs, and they have addressed any issues that have been raised in a timely manner.

- Barbara F.

EHS has excellent customer service and knowledgeable technicians. The EHS employees are kind and professional, and they are responsive to any questions I may have.

- Bridget G.

Technicians have been excellent.

- Robert O.

EHS is always reliable and on time. Victor is good and especially careful to keep the workspace clean.

- Jane K.

EHS has great service and very knowledgeable staff.

- Seema S.

Very happy with EHS routine service and their technicians are very professional as well as knowledgeable.

- Caterin C.

I am very happy with EHS because their service is always prompt and the technicians are always helpful and informative, which is very important.

- Greg R.

I have been using EHS for many years, and I am always satisfied with the accommodating service. The technicians are very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Victor is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend EHS to anyone.

- Michael C.

Victor is very professional and respectful of our property.

- Frank C.

Technicians are neat, clean and well-tempered.

- Jim M.

All of the technicians are great. Victor has been the most attentive to date.

- Rebecca N.

Victor does a great job and is always on time.

- Randy J.

Victor is excellent! He is very diligent, knowledgeable, a great worker and person. His professionalism is greatly appreciated.

- Jay M.

Victor is an outstanding technician, arrives on time, and he always communicates, if he is delayed for any reason. Victor is always professional and shows genuine concern for his customers, and he does everything possible to solve their pest problems.

- Beth T.

The tick and mosquito program seems to work well, as our children have not picked up any ticks from our yard this year.

- Helen D.

Service was great! Victor was on time and very friendly and efficient.

- Terry K.

Very appreciative of the thoughtful and thorough job your technicians do, especially Victor.

- Michael K.

Victor communicates with us every Friday about what is going on.

- Larry B.

Your technician, Victor, is polite and respectful and does a great job representing EHS.

- Dennis S.

I am very appreciative of the quality of your people and their work.

- Alan A.

Daniel S. solved my pest problem immediately and made my life so much easier, especially on a Friday night!

- Kate M.

I am very happy with service from EHS.

- Nicola K.

Victor does a good job.

- Rick P.

Victor provides reliable service.

- Nathan T.

It is a pleasure working with Victor. He is very friendly, courteous, informative and helpful.

- Dave R.

Thank you for a great year on all of our services!

- Betsy P.

Service is great!

- Erica A.

I appreciate that the technicians explain the status of our pest preventatives thoroughly.

- John S.

Casey does a thorough job, is a pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable.

- Greg S.

Casey always has a great attitude, and I thank her for her hard work.

- D. B.

Thank you for being so helpful, Casey!

- John J.

Casey is very detailed, pleasant and informative. Her work makes a huge impact on improving our living space.

- Todd Y.

Casey is prompt, efficient and friendly, and is appreciated for the job she does.

- Andressa M.

Casey is so helpful and she checked out everything thoroughly to help rid us of our mice.

- Laura G.

Casey was very helpful in finding our mouse holes and how to fix them.

- Jane K.

Casey is informative, friendly and fantastic at what she does!

- Al S.

Casey worked efficiently and quickly without getting in anyone’s way.

- Joe G.

Casey is always ready to listen and take her time to explain what is going on with our pest prevention.

- Dolly B.

Casey is very good at what she does. She is very professional, kind and respectful of others and her surroundings. Casey takes her time and does a good job.

- Joe M.

Casey is incredible, professional and great at what she does, and we are very satisfied with her work.

- Hannah F.

Casey works rigorously, is always pleasant and responsible, and is certain to follow up, and she makes herself available for questions.

- Johanna J.

Casey is amazing and always a pleasure.

- Kelsey C.

Derek Nunnally was excellent, courteous and thorough.

- Mary B.

I am very happy with the service from EHS and appreciate your help. Daniel S. and everyone are always very friendly and informative.

- Jennifer G.

Casey is wonderful!

- Rachel Z.

Casey is fantastic and she has a pleasant disposition, always helpful and very knowledgeable.

- Barry S.

Casey is excellent and very attentive.

- Keith B.

Casey is the best!

- Chris E.

EHS quarterly service program was the best decision for our home. We’re very pleased with the service!

- James A.

Casey does a great job and the communication with her and Leigh is excellent, as is the follow up to any concerns we may have.

- Tim E.

Casey Sullivan is an amazing worker. She is always prompt and willing to go the extra mile. Casey is very attentive and extremely knowledgeable, and she has great customer service skills.

- Yesenia L.

Casey is pleasant and knowledgeable.

- Karen B.

Casey is a great professional!

- Kim F.

Casey does a great job.

- Carlos B.

Casey is fantastic, and she is always smiling and happy. She is a big asset to EHS.

- Steve L.

Casey is always proficient and very friendly.

- Val T.

Casey is amazing, hard-working, dedicated and always happy.

- Robert C.

The team at EHS has been very professional and knowledgeable. Casey knows her job well. I would recommend the team at EHS to anyone in need of pest control.

- Daniel W.

Casey has a great personality, and she is professional, friendly, focused and does her job well.

- Luis F.

Casey is super nice and good at her job. She works diligently and goes the extra mile.

- Arif K.

Very happy with technician, very knowledgeable! He is a great asset to your business"

Thank you for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!

- Frank

EHS just arrived and delivered the treatment to the void nest. The technician says we caught it at the right time of year. The current plan is that we monitor the nest between now and Monday. The hope is that it has been killed off by then. If not, we will call back on Monday to arrange for additional treatment of it.

Thanks for getting a team out here so quickly Alan and Crystal, we very much appreciate it.

- Kristan

My wife and I were unsure if we had a problem and needed help. We were also concerned with harmful chemicals as we have to young boys at home and my wife is pregnant. This is why my wife recommended I call EHS. Scott Murphy was on time and very professional throughout his evaluation of our house. although he determined that no professional remediations services were necessary at that time. I appreciated his honesty and recommendations. If we ever do need help down the road we will be calling EHS.

- Donahue

I am commending Crystal and the Entomologist. They were both wonderful identifying pests for me last week! Crystals follow-up was great and she took her time and listened to me. For the entomologist to take his time to review the specimens was greatly appreciated!!!

- Monett

EHS Pest Services did a great job. Scott Murphy was honest and straight forward with his evaluation. He was direct with his recommendations and actually taught me how to prevent future problems from arising. The two problems that I thought were related to pests were not and he was up-front about it. He continued the evaluation anyway and gave me tips on how to protect my home. He also gave me a list of "to-do's" to make sure my home was in the best shape possible. I would highly recommend EHS Pest Services again. If any actually pest problems arise, I will give my business to EHS Pest Services as I feel like I can trust them.

- Engstrand

When you call a pest company, you are already in a crisis. These people are as good as it gets. Top notch company - smart, responsive, experienced,empathetic, courteous and most importantly, REAL PROBLEM SOLVERS. In dealing with a rodent problem due to construction in my neighborhood, EHS showed dedication and thoroughness to their approach. From their scheduler, inspectors, and on-site technicians it is obvious their management creed is to demonstrate superior customer service and professionalism. They empower their staff to devote the time necessary to get to the bottom of the issue. Great communicators, both in person and in follow up reports, timely responses and confident, pest "detectives". And their respect and consideration of environmental impact is an added bonus. These people are my heroes. They are truly there for you when you need them.

- Hillary M.

My experience with EHS is very positive. The men are very polite and very patient with our tenants. Every single time I call for service. I’m never disappointed. We count on them and appreciate everyting that they do.

- Skye Kessler – Dedham Housing Authority

EHS is a wonderful company. They have always provided great service for both our homes and have been there for emergencies (huge yellow jacket nest) and problems no one else wanted to touch (flies). Also timely, responsive and kind. 

- Meredith Warnick

I was incredibly impressed with Shawn’s service. He went above and beyond in examining our home and explaining what he was going to do and what to expect going forward. Great service – would definitely recommend EHS Pest Services to others based on my experience today! Shawn’s expertise and customer service make him a great asset to your team,

- Kate Pirruglia

Matt and James did a fantatstic job, had a professional demeanor and were kind, friendly and explained everything they did. A+ on the job!

- Shari Ori

James did a wonderful job while he was here. He was courteous, polite and very efficient in getting the job done. Would recommend your company to my friends based on his performance.

- Michael Callewaert

Scott Murphy came to give us his advice this morning about potential pests that we had been seeing signs of around the outside of our house. He was incredibly helpful, very professional, and very thorough. A delight to deal with!

- Emmons – Dedham, MA

So far I am totally pleased with EHS Pest Services in our University. I am very satisfied with the level of service and quality of work Leigh delivers in our area. She is very approachable and easy to interact with whenever there is a need. Keep up the great work!

- A. Zayoune – Supervisor Cambridge, MA

EHS Pest Services has been a pleasure to work with! I like how they follow up on the work orders that have been completed. The dedication and prompt responses from Leigh are much appreciated and noticed. Keep up the good work it doesn’t go unnoticed.

- B. Premo – Assistant Director Cambridge, MA

Ever since Leigh has come to our University I have seen great improvements. Keep up the great work.
- M. Greene – Sous Chef - Cambridge, MA

Bobby and Leigh both do a great job and are always thorough. They come soon after we call facilities and care about helping to solve our mice problems. They are constantly working on solutions and always communicate what measures they’re taking on their call (traps, door sweeps, patch holes, etc…). They even inspect our office and do additional work after hours. They consistently get down and dirty to get the job done. Both are a pleasure to work with.

- M. Tramonte – Clinical Courses Coordinator Cambridge, MA

So far I am totally pleased with EHS Pest Services in our facility. I am very satisfied with the level of service and quality work that Leigh delivers in our area. She is very approachable and easy to interact with whenever there is a need. Keep up the good work!

- A.Zayoune – Facility Supervisor

For the unfortunate reason that we met Leigh and Bobby they have always done a great job and are fun to chat with. Terrific customer service and follow up. Two thumbs up!

- K. Hodgins – Program Administrator

My Department is very satisfied with the services provided by EHS Pest Services. Since evaluating and executing a solution to our problems we have not had a single issue with any pests. Keep up the great work!

- C. Lodge – Manager

Leigh is committed and caring. We feel we are in good hands when she is involved in resolving pest control issues.

- T. Gillogley – Manager

Leigh and colleagues are always so responsive and helpful. Shows great knowledge and customer service. Leigh frequently comes and checks in and we really appreciate her proactiveness and her help. Thank you!

- L. Finan – Program Coordinator

Leigh is friendly, efficient and professional. Great job!

- J. Remeika – Food Service

The change that we have experienced with EHS has been tremendous. We used to have mice and cockroaches everywhere and now we don’t see them anymore. We are very happy with the job that Leigh has been doing. She always comes in the morning to check with us to see if we have seen any activity.

She cares. Thank you. 

- M. Kelly – Rest. Associates


- N. Alvarez – Chef

Been great having EHS here. Besides being very friendly, they are good at what they do. Have not seen any pests.

- S. Livingston – Chef

Your team members are very helpful all the time!

- R. Puite – Catering Manager

Top notch service! Communication, execution, follow-up, it’s all there. Leigh has been a Godsend to the operation. Please keep her here.

- T. Young – Executive Sous Chef

Good job EHS

- R. Melendez – Kitchen Operator

Leigh is great! Always helpful and is a hard worker.

- M. Buffong – FCC

Leigh is on top of her duties. Always great!

- Mark – FCC Operator

We are a new site for EHS. From the first walk through with Leigh, to her multiple subsequent visits, I have been impressed with her and the rest of the team’s responsiveness and follow through. I have had confidence in her handling the small problems we’ve had with cockroaches (from the first day in their selection of sites and monitoring to their follow up visits which have including baiting and a more thorough search for possible hiding/nesting sites.) While it has been a short relationship thus far, I have been impressed and very satisfied with the level of service.

- K. Licata – Lab Manager

I want to pass along my feedback regarding the EHS pest services at our facility. I have needed their service multiple times and they have been attentive, addressed the issue and proactively followed up to ensure the problem was completely clear.

- G. Brown – Associate Director

Bobby and EHS have been very attentive to our courtyard and atrium. As a food facility in an old building, pests are a problem. Whenever I spot activity I inform your company and Bobby. He acts immediately and effectively. Bobby and his team are proactive in preventing population increases. I am very satisfied with their response and work.

- J. Perrier – Sous Chef

Greg and Bobby are extremely cordial and professional. They are very informative when the students ask questions. It has been a pleasure working with them.

- S. Lozano – Security Supervisor

During my experience with Bobby and the EHS crew when they worked in our facility I found Bobby and the entire crew to be very efficient, neat and great to work with.

- T. Kasirye – Security Supervisor

We had a severe ant problem. Bobby came to my office and was extremely professional and nice. He took care of the problem! Bobby was very responsive and came back multiple times to follow up. Hopefully we won’t have any more ants but if we do we’ll call Bobby.

- K. Cacioppo – Program Manager

I appreciate the energy and dedication Bobby has shown in pursuing our elusive mouse problem. He’s very responsive, thorough and listens carefully, asking questions to get a better sense of where the mouse might be coming from. I’m very pleased to work with him.

- B. Sweeney – Program Coordinator

Bobby has responded in a timely fashion and addressed every need that has come up. He constantly checks in to see if our ant problem has been resolved and it has been because of him.

- K. Norville – Program Coordinator

The entire team came by to help and track space in my office where a bird got in last year. They were quick compassionate and highly professional in a very trying and problematic situation. I really appreciated their assistance and commend them for their help.

- C. Martin – University Catalyst

Big crew, excellent work.

- A. Raffaele – Plumbing

The mice have been removed from my area, and I’m very happy!

- C. Burris – Shipping Supervisor

Greg answers my emails promptly. He keeps me updated on results of his visits and any continuing follow ups that are needed. He is professional, understands the concerns of the occupants and pleasant to work with.

- A. McEachern – Staff Assistant III in Operations

Greg is very polite and friendly, never impedes on office work. He completes all work in a timely manner.

- A. Mici – Project Coordinator

EHS has been very professional and attentive in helping us deal with mice in the area. Since I called them a few weeks ago, they have come in several times to inspect the area and set traps – with success. I have seen them here at all hours both early in the day and late in the afternoon. I have been impressed with their thoroughness and care in covering the entire area.

- J. Aach – Department Head

Greg is so polite and professional. He is a delight. Also, I have not seen any pests since his arrival. He is terrific!

-A. Salaroff – Coordinating Administrator

Greg has been nothing but professional, kind and reliable since he’s been servicing our area. Today, after I called, Greg was here in less than 5 minutes an impressive response time. Thank you very much!

- T. Mitrano – Office Coordinator

Timely and professional. Friendly and informative. Thank you!

- S. Luwara – Administrative Assistant

Greg has routinely checked in personally to check traps and speak with us directly. He has been very thorough with his work and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!

B. Heil – Acadmeic Administrator

Thanks to all for your hard work and thank-you to EHS for your detailed reports and your thoroughness.

- Jane

Upon contacting EHS for assistance in dealing with an obvious rodents-in-walls situation, one of their Senior Inspectors, Scott Murphy, responded within a few days to provide a free exterior inspection followed up by a implementation plan. We conducted the inspection together and Scott pointed out every possible location where mice might be getting into the house to nest, hoard, and generally annoy us. Not ony did he offer an EHS plan to prevent further entry and eliminate the current occupants within our walls, but he provided precise information on all the materials necessary to do the job ourselves, if we wanted to. What a great service! He was generous with his time, polite, friendly, took care not to track dirt into the house, and was happy to toss the ball a few times for our dog. One couldn't ask more from any service provider. Thanks EHS!

- Cattafe

These guys are phenomenal. Scott Murphy knows his stuff. Scott and Dana came over as soon as we called. We needed some help with a mouse that was messing with our minds! They had some great ideas and multiple suggestions to clear up the issue. And all have worked. We got immediate results and there are no signs!!! Thank you both and I do owe you one bud.

- Braun

Thank you for your help throughout this whole process of the bed bug issue in Apt 133.

I am very happy that our apt no longer shows any signs of bedbugs, thanks to the thorough bed bug inspections and treatments by the EHS pest control and coordinated by the Edgerton House staff members--especially Katina, Sonam, and Trudy, who made it possible for us to get EHS's help in the first place.

- Elizabeth

"We had an emergency when our sliding door installer was attached by a hornet swarm apparently nesting in our clapboards. EHS worked us into their busy schedule that same day, arrived promptly, and took care of the problem. I could not have been happier with the professionalism and the results. I have already recommended EHS to the window installer should they ever have a similar problem."

- Begelfer

"Eric did an excellent job. The best tech to date. I would like him to continue servicing my house."

- Brian Donahue

"I recently had a home inspection performed by Scott Murphy. It was a geat experience. Scott was extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and patient with our questions. He provided superb service and we'd definitely recommend him and EHS to others."


- Scott Yaphe

"I wanted to write to share my appreciation of the work done at 57 Aspinwall by some of your employees.

I have owned houses for over 30 years and dealt with a number of exterminators. The service rendered by Scott, Justin and Chris was simply outstanding- in a class of its own. Scott did a very careful intelligent job of examining the situation. By the time he left it was clear he had a comprehensive understanding of the situation and an excellent well thought out plan about how to deal with it. Justin and Chris did a great follow up job. They were thorough and efficient. They were very informative so I understood clearly the scope and what was being done about it. No corners were cut. Having rodents in your house is anxiety provoking. By the time they left I was confident I was in good hands and the problem seemed managable.

You have highly skilled and motivated employees. It speaks well of your company."

Thank you,

- Karen Kurlaner

"Melissa Charnitsky. She was professional and helpful in resolving a past issue, and made a point of saying that you are local company, rather than a large and impersonal company, and complaints about service can be resolved immediately. I appreciated that information and reassurance. Plus, she was able to offer a straightforward and fair resolution. I appreciated her candor."

- Greenberg

"EHS provided the fastest, best customer service I have received in a very long time. Not only was Scott very thorough and very friendly but he also took time to explain everything in a way that was easily understood. He knew his job very well and was very informative. I will never use any other pest control company again. Thank you very much for your great customer service!!!!!"

- Smith, Norwood, MA

"Scott Murphy provided invaluable information about our mice problem and how to solve it. Not only did he outline the advisable steps to mouse control, he did a thorough analysis of our home and property with regards to pests in general. I appreciated his expertise in all matters regarding the environment both inside and outside the home. Thank you, Scott! And thank you, EHS!"

- Mccann, Dover, MA

"Just a quick note of thanks to Scott Murphy, who was here earlier today. Couldn't have asked for a more professional, thorough assessment than the one he provided. It was a pleasure to work with him. I'll be sure to recommend EHS (and Scott) to neighbors and colleagues. "

- Smith, Barrington, RI

"I've been please with the professionalism, attention to detail and response from EHS. I've been a customer of theirs for a decade and see no reason not to continue being a customer of theirs."

- Kouiroukidis, Medford MA

"Great pest control service all around, from the office to the home inspection. They arrive on time and are friendly, knowledgeable and professional."

- Gigliotti, Wayland MA

"Very competent, thorough check-up was done by a careful, very pleasant inspector."

- Kravetz, Newton MA

"We have had nothing but great luck with EHS. For both mice and ants, as soon as EHS has treated our home, all of the pests have been eliminated completely. We highly recommend them to anyone!"

- Diamandis, Medway MA

"I have been very satisfied with the service from EHS. The original problems seem to be under control. The technicians are well informed and courteous."

- Chadwick, Ipswich MA

EHS has been our pest service company for many years and we are extremely pleased with their professionalism and quick response to our requests.

- Sullivan, Charlestown MA

EHS services have been effective and administered with little or no disruption to our household. We have been satified with our relationship with EHS.

- Valentino , Franklin MA

Mark came during the pouring rain and after making friends with the dog (she brought him a toy) he did a very inside inspection with a few comments on how to remove old dried mouse droppings. He said because of heavy rain the outside spraying will be re-scheduled. I was impressed with Mark.

- Dave , Dedham MA

We live right next to the woods and deer come on our property oftern so we get tick spray from them every year and it works well, They come when they say they will come and explain everything well over the phone.

- Stoll , Westwood MA

Very happy with your service. The techncian was great - arrived right on time. Your service has been great over the years. Several of our neighbors are customers as well.

- Hart , Dedham MA

For decades we endured infestation every spring with ants. Then we started getting flying ants. That was too much. We contacted EHS, they gave us advice, and they treated the outside of the house. Now every spring when we begin to see ants, we eagerly await the arrival of EHS with their outside treatment, which they schedule automatically when we renew with them. They have given us helpful advice on a couple of other "bug" problems, too, by email. We appreciate their service!

- Olden , Littleton, MA

City Agencies Collaborate with Pest Management Firm to Deal with Bed Bug Infestation

On March 11, 2014 inspectors from the Inspectional Services Department, Public Health Commission, and Environmental Health Services, Inc. will lead the way with outreach and extermination of bed bug infestation in a Mattapan home. In February 2014 inspectors received a frantic call from Deanna Bogues the owner of a one family dwelling whose home is infested with bed bugs. The owner a disabled veteran and retired Major (living off a fixed income) attempted to exterminate the bedbugs by purchasing over the counter pesticides and self treating to no avail.

Deanna informed the inspection team that she started to experience this problem after receiving overnight guests from out of town. She did some on-line research and found that the bugs were in fact bedbugs. She then tried to exterminate them by purchasing an "all natural" spray on-line which of course did not work but exasperated her asthma symptoms. To this date Deanna's second floor rooms are infested with bed bugs due to the rising bedbug population. Her bed, clothing, curtains, furniture, and surrounding areas are stained with the bedbug fecal matter (blood expulsion), cast skins, eggs, live and dead insects.

Upon receiving notification of this issue a team of inspectors from Inspectional Services Department (ISD) & Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) conducted a walk-through of the house and noted an infestation of bedbugs throughout, consisting of bed bug evidence including live activity from un-hatched eggs, nymphal stage, and adults. Due to the extenuating circumstances of this case and physical limitations of the homeowner inspectors reached out to a leading bed bug pest management firm named Environmental Health Services, Inc. (EHS Pest) and they partnered with a treatment preparation company named House Works. These firms graciously agreed to donate their services pro-bono.

EHS will be responsible for administering the thermal remediation (heat treatment) technique. This technique is an innovative, clean and 100% organic method for completely eradicating the infestation in one day. Industry pest control experts have proven that temperatures above 122◦ F will kill bedbugs in all stages including eggs. Heat can penetrate cracks and crevices to kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs. As a additional benefit the heat process will also kill dust mites, mold spores, allergens, and other pests that may be present.

House Works will be responsible for complete bed bug preparation services and cleaning that will greatly improve treatment efficacy. The will be offering a pre and post treatment service plan that will reduce process stress and allow the homeowner to get “back to normal” after the treatment.

Although, bed bugs do not carry germs nor spread disease they adversely affect our quality of life. Those who have found themselves a victim of bed bug infestations have complained of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, welt marks (from the bites) and extreme discomfort. The entire infestation process may result in psychological distress and extreme agitation.

Reactions from bites vary on the individual and there may be a 2-9 day latency period for reaction with as much as 60% of the general public not showing any reaction at all. Their bites can result in itchy skin reactions and scratching which can lead to secondary skin infections.

During this past year the Inspectional Services Department has responded to over 300 bed bug complaints.

"We're repeat customers for the organic mosquito and tick protection. We're happy with the results and the great service we get from EHS."

- Rick - Westford, MA

"I would highly recommend Environm mental Health Services, Inc. (EHS) as a vendor ffor your facilities. I have worked closely with EHS over the last five years at Boston City Hall and the fo ourteen buildings under property management departm ment responsibility. EHS has expertly resolved llong standing pest and wildlife issues within our building gs that prior vendors failed to solve over decade es. Since EHS began servicing our facilities pest co omplaints that were almost a daily occurrence arre now virtually nonexistent. Within the first year of serviice they reduced pest complaint calls by 80% annd in the years that followed they are consistently aroun nd 99%. In 2008 the average was 90-111 annua al pest complaint calls, and now we average less than n 5 in all fourteen buildings including City Hall. TThis has given back our department significant labor and d resource savings while eliminating the associa ated aggravation that goes with pest complaints.

It does not matter if it is sensitive en nvironments like a day care, a historic building lik ke Faneuil Hall, or a mega complex like City Hall, they alw ways seem to tailor a service that solves the isssue immediately. EHS field service and office staff are e extremely responsive to any pest control need d that may arise and they give our department the suppor rt that is often necessary with a pest situation. P Please do not hesitate to contact me should you ne eed additional information or details." 

- Lisa L. , Boston, MA

"Got rid of yellowjackets that had gotten up under the siding on my front porch."

"Fantastic! I called on Friday morning and Mark was at my house by 1:00. He did a great job explaining what he had to do and what treatments he applied. While this was a large nest and terrifying to me, apparently this was pretty routine for him. It is such a relief to have the bees gone and to have it done the same day was wonderful! He's even cat friendly. LOL. Thank you! While I hope not to need your services again, I won't hesitate to use your company again!"

- Sandra A., Middletown, RI

"I cannot say enough about Environmental Health Services. They answered my online request submission with a phone call within less than 15 minutes! The woman I spoke to, who's name I am sadly forgetting right now, addressed my concerns immediately. I had been worried about a flea problem with my dog (I found flea dirt on him the night before), and instead of suggesting any number of services, I was told that I could easily address the problem on my own. I was provided with advice on how to handle the problem , and what to expect during the process. I was even told that I could call back with any questions or concerns--even without having to pay for their services! As a graduate student with a very limited budget, I was extremely relieved after speaking with EHS and will definitely use them in the future. A company that cares more about their customer than anything else is a rarity these days, but it looks like EHS is one of them! Highly recommend!"

- Maria M., Boston, MA

"I spoke with Judy on July 22 to schedule the appointment. Judy was very nice and patient since I was very worried about a possible pest infestation. She took the time to explain what to look for and to reassure me that I probably did not have a problem. THANK YOU JUDY! We scheduled for July 24 between 2pm and 4pm. On the day the tech was coming here I discovered what looked like a new ground wasp nest in my driveway. I called and spoke to Jen and she contacted the tech to warn him not to park in the driveway. Jen was very nice and made sure to let me know that she had reached the tech. I have spoken to both Jen and Judy on multiple occasions and they are always very nice and helpful."

"Martin, the tech, arrived on time and looked at the place where the nest had been but the hole was gone. He said it was probably destroyed by the heavy rains we had the previous day but if it reappeared I should call. Martin was very patient listening to my concerns. I never felt rushed and he took the time to explain about the difference between termites and ants. I had another pest company here two years ago and they told me the activity on my back door was termites and charged me to spray for termites. Martin looked at it and told me that what I was seeing are ants not termites! He even picked up one of the ants to show me the anatomical differences. He did a very thorough inspection of the entire inside of the house. He couldn't do the outside inspecton because my property was so overgrown that it wasn't safe to walk around the outside. They had no problem with completing the inspection on another day and no extra charge. I had the property cleared by a landscaper and Dave McGee came back on August 15 and finished the outside inspection. All good news, no termites anywhere and only a little ant activity. I had him spray for the ants and put down early warning traps to let us know if termites move into the neighborhood. I watched from a window while Dave sprayed and I was very impressed with how thorough he was. Even while he was spraying I saw him stop several times to inspect areas again and spray. He even managed to spray the eaves on the second floor."

"Eveyone at this company was very professional and kind. I was very worried about what they would find since the house was my mothers and had been very neglected for a long time. They never pushed me to buy any service. The ant spraying was only $248.00! The other pest company from 2 years ago charged over $900 to spray for termites which I didn't even have! I will call EHS to do my pest control from now on. THANK YOU again to all of the employees!"

- Constance C., Milton MA

"After trying several times on my own to deal with the horrible black Carpenter Ant situation, I finally called in the professionals! EHS did a fantastic job. The tech arrived on time, was extremely professional and knowledgeable and offered suggestions on how to improve the black ant situation in the future. I believe I will continue to use their service in the years to come. Please do not hesitate to use their services. They also honored the Angie's List discount. Well done, EHS."

- Diane H., North Andover

"EHS is my go-to Pest Control Company. Bruce, Maureen, and Sabrina are wonderful to work with, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and your in-field staff swift and effective. Keep up the good work!" - Laura, VP, Property Management Company

“This is by far the best company I have EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. And I'm not speaking of just in the pest control service genre, I'm talking about any other company in any other field. They not only care about the problem, more importantly, they care about the customer. It's no wonder that they have a rating of A+ with the BBB and have been in business since 1985. What an accomplishment. What a spectacular level of service! Thanks SO much EHS! ”   

-  JessicaNorwood, MA

“EHS has always demonstrated incredible initiative and a strong dedication to quality service. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of pest management and consistently provides effective services for our clients needs.”   

Elaine Alexis, Senior Property Manager, Barrington Management

"I found out about EHS through a coworker in my property management office and have been nothing but pleased with their services ever since.  There is always a knowledgeable person to answer all of my questions and my service requests are scheduled promptly.  The technicians that come into my office are friendly and take the time to explain each job in detail.  It’s very nice in this day and age to have such reliable and personable service"  

- Becky Long, Greater Boston Properties, Director of Investment Services

"Please allow me to take the time to express my thanks for your services during the past 20 years to all of the residential buildings in the Brookline, Cambridge and Allston areas along with the commercial buildings in Norwood and Brookline areas.  Having your employees on-site certainly provides me with a comfort zone and a relief from worry that few contractors are able to bring to the table.  Your employees are always professional and respectful of the property as well as the tenants, and it is evident in the results of their labor.  As you know, my work entails a large real estate portfolio with multiple sites, however, it was always easier to manage those sites where EHS company performed services. It is a pleasure to work with you and your company, I very much appreciate the personal time and effort that you dedicated to us."   

Shana Foynes, Asset Manager, Intercontinental Management

"As the owner of a boutique real estate company on Newbury Street in Boston, I need to be extremely competitive with my much larger counterparts. I often say to people that you are only as good as who you surround yourself with.  My contractors are the life-line of my business.  Needless to say, no one wants to see, hear or know about a pest problem.  To this end, I have exclusively used the services of EHS for the past 10 years.  When I receive a call from a building that some sort of pest problem is occurring, I immediately call EHS.  There is no greater peace of mind for a property manager when you know that a job will be properly diagnosed, treated and followed up as needed with the efficiency and effectiveness EHS provides.  Property Management is built on trust.  Trust that my clients have placed in me and in-turn I have placed with the vendor. This trust takes months and sometimes years to build, but when it clicks, it great.  I value the team at EHS.  I am only as good as they make me.  Thank you for great service.   

- Alan Ginsberg, Donalan Group Realty, Inc.,

"They were fabulous. I had a raging ant problem. Suddenly, I had hundreds of them in my house. I have 3 small children. It was awful. They came out right away and the ants were gone within 12 hours. It was like a miracle. They were very professional, kind and really attentive. They were awesome." 

- Katharine – Westwood, MA

"My experience with them was great. They came right away and took care of the problem'. 

- Ann – Weston, MA

"They were prompt, timely, and informative. They did a good job with the work. I give them all A’s for their services. I would call them back again in the future'. 

- Catherine – North Easton, MA

"We had a bed bug issue so we called EHS. They were very quick, efficient and knowledgeable. They knew what they were looking for and what they need to do about it. It was a great experience especially since they solved my infestation". 

- Stewart – Providence, RI

"The service is very good and they come when we need them. We had some mice and they came quickly. I was very satisfied with them. They are reliable and come on time.' 

- Walter – Wellesley, MA

"They were outstanding. I had a problem with pests and had them treat several things. They came out and did a fantastic job. Their response was very quick and they sent out a delightful young man to analyze the situation very promptly. He was very thorough and gave a lot of information. He also gave a lot of explanation about the problems, how they occur and where they occur. I haven’t had any problems since I used EHS. I will definitely use them again in the future!" 

- Linda – Lincoln, RI

"They were able to come right away. The technician obviously knew a lot about ant behavior, and suggested an exterior treatment. I was worried about having chemicals in the house and was relieved to know that they use a minimum risk chemical applied only to the exterior. He said that while many firms treat inside, it was not needed and we get proven results with our methods. Plus, it would eliminate the entire colony. I appreciated his advice and expertise. I was also happy not to have anything overly toxic sprayed in my house. Best yet, the ants were eliminated just as he said! I give EHS a big thumbs up! " 

- Jamie – Cambridge, MA

"They did everything they said they would do for carpenter ants on the day they said they would do it. Everything went exactly the way they laid it out. They are the only pest control company I will ever use." 

- Jim – Norwood, MA

"I can't say enough positive things about EHS - there is a reason that they get so many positive reviews! We purchased a home that had a carpenter ant problem. We initially called a well known, big-name national pest control chain to come out and treat the house. They over-charged us and didn't guarantee anything plus the problem got worse! We had much better luck with EHS. They showed up on time and were very, very knowledgeable about insects and other pests. They found the main carpenter ant nest in a tree outside of our house pretty quickly! They also gave us some good advice, based on observations of our property, on things we could do to reduce pests. We will definitely use EHS again for our pest control needs and refer them to all our friends." 

- Ariel – Stoughton, MA

"EHS was courteous, punctual, and did a complete job. The office staff is polite over the phone and the service technician everything fully. I would use them again." 

- Kenneth – Dover, MA

"Both the salesman and technician arrived exactly when they said they would. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They immediately identified the problem and the service was outstanding. I will definitely use them again and tell people they are the company to call for any pest problems." 

- Carol – Winchester, MA

"We had some squirrels in our attic and EHS came out and excluded them for us. They came out, assessed the problem, and told us what the solution would be. The squirrels never did return. They are professional and rid your house of animals humanely." 

- Karen – Waltham, MA

"EHS was very friendly. They sent us a list of what we needed to do, and a packet with information. They are so pleasant to deal with both on the phone and at our home." 

- Juan – Brookline, MA

They were prompt to respond to my inquiry & were very accommodating when scheduling the appointment. They were on-time and efficient while performing the service and charged us exactly what they quoted. EHS was exceptional & we will hire them again if we have other pest control needs. 

- Megan - Norton, MA

"We had a mouse problem. Mike came out for initial consult, he was on time and very knowledgeable. Jason came out to do the work and was also very knowledgeable. They are a very professional company and I would highly recommend them !" 

- Bill – Natick, MA

"I have an older home with several wasp nests that they treated. The folks at EHS were wonderful, VERY prompt, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend this company!" 

- Christine – Barrington, RI

"I bought into the attractiveness of going with a large national pest control company. I figured if they were the biggest they would be the best. I was so wrong and when the rat problem was not solved I called EHS and they found so many things the other company missed and did not do. They did exactly what they proposed and solved my problem really fast. When they got rid of all the rats they went around my home and excluded all areas to keep all pests out. They are a very classy and honest company that I would recommend to anyone."

- James – Pawtucket, RI

Super Service Award 2017