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At EHS we don't offer cookie cutter service. Instead we custom design each program based on your needs. We offer a variety of techniques that many others do not. For example, all of our pest programs include a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home. Potential entry points and openings will be sealed with specialized materials that will physically stop pests from entering and infesting your home. Call EHS today for a FREE Home Inspection and a custom designed TOTAL EXTERIOR HOME EXCLUSION program to keep out pests, rodents and wildlife!

We offer complete EXTERIOR PEST EXCLUSION programs.

Inspecting all possible exterior entry points inch by inch.

Sealing up entry points with stainless steel screen.

Installing stainless steel geomesh mat.


A Boston Garden Is Returned To It's Rightful Owner

Chronic Rat Infestation under a porch. Cleaned, installed barrier and crushed stone. No more burrowing.

Infested Courtyard before installing 1/4" T-304 Stainless Steel and finishing with crushed Stone Creating a clean and Rodent Free environment.

Patio garden now rat-free with Engineered Rodent Proof Fabric.

Old Brick stairway with painted T-304 Stainless steel to keep our rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, voles and shrews.

Reinforced Cement solves Rats entering structures and burrowing in hardscapes.

Rodent Proof Door With Rodent Proof Door and Astragal sweeps.

Roll up Loading Dock Doors open for pest entry.

Rodent Proof Roll Up Loading Dock Door.

CO2 Sublimation of rat burrows eliminates population.

Excluder mesh installed in garden beds to keep out new populations permanently.

Super Service Award 2017