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Vole Control - Meadow Voles - MA, RI

Vole Control - Meadow Voles

Meadow Voles
If you see this, you know you have
Meadow Voles damaging your lawn.

Many people become aware of the presence of Meadow Voles after a winter thaw, where they see significant damage to their lawn and the associated tunneling once the ice cap melts. Unlike most mammals, They are active off 24/7, 365 Days a year!

Voles form many shallow burrows and tunnels for foraging underground nest. In areas with winter snow, voles will tunnel under the snow pack and feed in elaborate tunnels that become apparent after the spring thaw. Voles are poor climbers and do not usually enter homes or buildings.

Voles are mostly herbivorous, feeding on a variety of grasses, herbaceous plants, bulbs, and tubers. They eat bark and roots of trees, usually in fall or winter.

Voles can cause severe damage by feeding on garden vegetables, turf, mature trees and other landscape plantings such as lilies and dichondra to name a few. Though turf and ornamental plant damage is of concern, tree damage (Girdling) can be very expensive on trunks and roots can kill trees.

To prevent vole damage, you need to manage the population in an area before it reaches high numbers, habitat modification and select use of other control measures .

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