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Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis) & Boxelder Bug (Boisea trivittatus)

The so called “Stink Bugs” have been very problematic to homes and businesses in Massachusetts & Rhode Island for the last decade. There is also a new species spreading across the U.S. and that is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. These pests invade buildings in the late summer-early fall then sporadically appear inside during winter months. They seem to be dependent on seasonal weather patterns as certain years have higher populations due to moisture levels in the spring and summer. It only makes sense that weather patterns affect populations as they are dependent on the health of trees and foliage.

EHS - Pest Education Starts Today - Click Here! These insects are often mistaken for cockroaches or a biting insect like Kissing Bugs. They do cause alarm to people because they are a sizable insect and congregate in large numbers. These insects over-winter in late spring and then produce nymphs (young insects) that feed on seeds of trees through the summer. Come late fall the adults will look to over-winter under tree barks and other natural outdoor areas however structures are very attractive due to their warmth. They enter structures through cracks, voids, unscreened vents, etc. and over-winter in attics, wall + ceiling voids.

A dramatic change in temperature in the winter months may force activity inside. For example you get an arctic blast of cold and the insects will move closer to warmth. Or you get an unseasonably warm day in the winter and the insects think it is Spring. The only option you have when they are in the over-wintering stage is to vacuum them up. Do not handle or crush these insects as they produce a foul odor (hence the name stink bugs) and will stain from the tree sap they feed on.

What do I do to get rid of them? EHS has performed successful exterior treatments in the fall and spring to drop population numbers. Typically a two season application pattern works best. The most ideal control method is to exclude them out using caulking on any gaps and voids with particular emphasis on the sunny side of the structure. This is much easier said than done as you must exclude all voids from the roof to the ground. Exclusion should be done in July-August right before the over-wintering process begins. Even with a treatment & exclusion you may see some insects so you must accept suppression Vs elimination as these pests come from the millions of trees around your property.

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